Ideas for Childen's Ministries and Programs

Planning for Lent

on February 16, 2012

The Sundays of Lent and the worship services of Holy Week are often solemn, confusing services for children. 

The Sundays in Lent will have a different feel this year.  At the center of Lent, we will celebrate Laughter Sunday (sometimes called, “Holy Humor Sunday”).  The purpose of this Sunday is to remind worshippers that each Sunday (even during Lent!!!) is a CELEBRATION of the RESURRECTION!  Worshippers will be invited to share (clean) jokes, funny objects, or silly reflections.  The scripture for this Sunday contains one of the most memorized scripture verses:  John 3:16.  Everyone will be encouraged to laugh and experience joy!

The children will be invited to bring funny pictures or dress as clowns.  These will be shared during the children’s sermon.  More specifics on this children’s sermon will be posted near the date. 

The Season of Lent will feature:

  • 1st Sunday – Mark 1: 9 – 13: (temptations in wilderness)  Angels watching over you
  • 2nd Sunday – Mark 8: 27 – 38:  Set your mind on divine things; don’t be ashamed of Jesus (Take up your cross and follow); we will introduce clowns  
  • 3rd Sunday – John 2: 13 – 25: (Cleansing of temple)  “Get rid of stuff Sunday”
  • 4th Sunday – John 3: 14 – 21: Laughter Sunday
  • 5th Sunday – John 12: 20 -36:  Walk in the Light
  • 6th Sunday – Palm Sunday and Communion:
  • Maundy Thursday – Children will be involved in the Seder Meal

Please post comments to share what you are doing or post any questions I could answer about a specific service.

Grace and Peace to you!



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