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Don’t Be Ashamed of Jesus

on March 8, 2012

March 4

2nd Sunday of Lent

Scripture: Mark 8: 27 – 38

Materials needed:  clown hair, clown nose, (a few other clown props, if desired)

Don’t be ashamed of Jesus

Some people loved Jesus.  Some people were ashamed of Jesus.  Some people respected Jesus and expected great things from Jesus.  Some people expected Jesus to cause a lot of trouble.

Let’s think about being ashamed or feeling respect.  Let’s pretend you have a clown in your family.  (Put on wig and nose.)  People may stare at your family clown, but the clown is part of your family and you love the clown. (Honk nose.)

(Pantomime) One day you and the clown are walking down the street, and you see a little kid crying.  The clown sits down beside the kid, hugs him, and dries his tears. The kid shows the clown his scraped knee.  The clown puts medicine on the boo-boo, puts a band-aid over the hurt, and helps the kid get up.  Would the clown bring respect to your family or shame? Right! Respect!  (Honk, honk)

(Pantomime)  One day your family and the clown go out to eat at a very fancy restaurant.  Before you even get your food, the clown jumps up on the table and starts dancing and singing.  (Honk, Honk)  Would the clown bring respect to your family or shame?  Respect, right? (Clown encourages applause)  No, shame!  (“Rats!” reaction)  You would feel really embarrassed.

In two more weeks we’ll celebrate laughter Sunday, and I’ll give you a chance to be a clown.  We’ll see if we can be clowns to bring laughter and respect.

Of course, Jesus isn’t a clown.  Jesus is a great leader, and he wants people who follow him to believe in him and respect him.  This week think about all the wonderful things Jesus does to bring honor and respect to you and your family!

Jesus loves you very much.  See you next time!


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