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Get Rid of Stuff Sunday

on March 8, 2012

March 11

3rd Sunday of Lent

Scriture:  John 2: 13 – 25:

Theme: (Cleansing of temple) “Get rid of stuff Sunday”

Materials needed:  3 bins labeled – Throw it away, Give it away, Trade it; a broken toy, a baby toy, 1 sock, coat, some books, some games, some plastic scraps; church recycle bin for bulletins; heart inside a bulletin (1 per child)


Good morning, one of my goals for Lent is to make my life simpler by getting rid of some stuff. Could you help me sort some things?  (Tell kids about the bins. Help them decide which items go into each bin.  Note: discuss trading 2 or 3 games/books for 1 new game/book.)  It’s hard work, but it makes life easier if we get rid of stuff.


That reminds me of our Good News story today. Jesus and his disciples were going to the big Temple in Jerusalem. But as they were in the outer part of the Temple, there were booths set up like a market:  people trading coins, people selling animals, everyone making a lot of noise.  It was really hard to get into the temple because of all the commotion.  Jesus got angry; he wanted people to be able to get into the Temple and worship together.  He drove the sellers out and cleared the way into the Temple.


Sometimes we need to clear a way into our hearts, too.  (Give each child the bulletin.  Let them find the heart inside and put the bulletin in the recycle bin) Please keep the heart and think about clearing a path to your heart so there is room for Jesus.


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