Ideas for Childen's Ministries and Programs


Becky is a United Methodist pastor’s wife.  Barry and Becky live in Virginia.  They believe God sends disciples two-by-two to minister; consequently, they work together wherever God (and the bishop) sends them.

Barry and Becky

Becky holds an MSEd in mathematics and education.  She has taught every age from preschool to grad school.  Her numerous awards include (state awardee) Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education and Teacher of the Year.  In addition to classroom experience, she has supervised student teachers, created and managed programs for school systems, served as an administrator in school systems, and served as Program Coordinator (and other postions) in churches.  Her community activities include SafeHome (Vice President), Covington Woman’s Club, Jackson River Garden club, frequent presenter in library programs for children, and frequent reader in area schools. 

Barry and Becky have two (outstanding, amazing, etc) children (Chris, who lives in Texas; and Marian, who lives in Virginia) and three (brilliant, delightful, wonderful, etc.) grandchildren. 

Please check out Barry’s blog at !


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