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Love God. Love others.

Children’s Moments – Love God, Love others

Scripture this week: Mark 1: 40 – 45

Prop:  Stop sign (toy cars and play mat with roads would also help)

Everyone knows what this is, right?  Of course!  It’s a stop sign.  What happens if you are diving along…  You come to this sign, AND YOU DO NOT STOP??? (Answers might include:  get a ticket, CRASH!, nothing, get hurt)

Let’s pretend we are driving a BIG TANK. And some one is driving a little car.  We have a stop sign.  Who would get hurt if we don’t stop?

Sometimes we get hurt or punished if we break rules, but sometimes someone else gets hurt.  In today’s story, a person came to Jesus to be healed.  He had a very bad disease that made his skin look awful (that’s called leprosy). Jesus cared about the person very much so he made the person all better.  Then Jesus told the man what he needed to do and warned him not to tell anyone but the priest.  The man was very excited that Jesus had made him well, but he did NOT do what Jesus told him to do. 

Isn’t that terrible?  Jesus did a wonderful thing for this man, and he disobeyed Jesus.

And you know who was hurt? Not the man.  Jesus was hurt.  The man told everyone he met what Jesus had done, and so many people came to Jesus that he couldn’t be in towns anymore.  Jesus had to go way out into the countryside.  People who needed Jesus had to go a long way to see Jesus.  All because the man did not do what Jesus said.

We are thinking about Valentine’s Day this week, and we’re thinking about all the people we love.  We want to do something great for people we care about.  You are probably thinking about something great to do for your parents and your teachers. Maybe you’re giving them cards or candy or a present.  Did you ever think one of the most loving things you can do for your parents or teachers is to OBEY them!?!  All day long you can do the things they ask you to do and say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For this Valentine’s Day remember the two important rules Jesus told us:  Love God, and love others. That’s what I have on my shoes.  It helps me remember to follow Jesus with every step I take – Love God—Love people.  Sometimes that means making lovely things for them.  Sometimes that means giving them good things.  Sometimes that means OBEYING them!

The bag I have for you today contains things to make a valentine for God.  During the Giving Gifts part of our service, you may bring your valentine to place on the communion table.  There are also two hearts to remind you of Jesus’ rules:  Love God, love others! 

God loves you very much!


Special thanks to Carolyn Brown ( for the Valentine’s ideas!


Library Program: Splat!

Miss Becky reading "Splat" for Heart to Heart at Library

Welcome to KIDZANDMORE!  Sharing ideas about programs for kidz.  Usually I will share KidzWorship or Kidz Sermons, but this week I’ll share a library program.

This week I read for the (NEW AND IMPROVED!!!) Super Saturday program at our library.  The kids love anything with Splat.  Only a few kids started out on the rug with me, but by the end of the story the shy ones had crept closer and were transfixed by the story.

Some of the FCCLA members (high school kids also add appeal for elementary!) presented their Heart-to-Heart  program and helped the kids made snacks and crafts.  

Let me know if you would like an idea for a Children’s Moment sermon for a specific Scripture or event.

Grace and Peace,